Painting and Waterproofing your home in preparation for winter | Wet patio

It’s very important to ensure your house or office is prepared for the rainy season ahead. Many homes will have leaks under heavy storms and this is mostly due to poor upkeep. As a professional painter and handyman, here are some winter tips:


For the exterior of your home, we recommend a good painter who uses a high quality paint. This acts as a waterproof barrier. See our page on exterior painting for more information on the difference between low and high quality paints.


All your timber material that is exposed to the elements will need to be properly treated to ensure its longevity. Doors and window frames which are made of timber tend to swell, and this is why you battle to open or close them during the rainy season. We are professionals in this regard and we know exactly which products to apply to your timber finishes in order to prevent this from happening and further deterioration.


Preparing your roof for any leaks is very important as water can get into the walls of your home. This can cause major damage down the line. Water can also possibly reach electrical points and this puts you, your loved ones and pets at great risk. It’s therefore very important to ensure that your roof has an up-to-date coat of waterproof paint. It’s a good idea to get a professional painter to ensure that there are no weak points or leaks in any of the joints of your roof structure.

Why Now?

It’s very important to make these changes during the dry months as all of the aforementioned products and applications require good drying time to be the most effective. We can’t apply paint and varnish when it is raining or on a wet surface, especially on already swollen timber as this locks the moisture inside and will cause rapid wood rot.

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