Give Back to the Community by Building Kennels for Winter
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Building Kennels for Winter

Give Back to the Community by Building Kennels for Winter

Give back to the community: Building Kennels for Winter

This winter we at Mike’s Painting and Handyman Services want to give back to the community.

The unfortunate fires in Hout Bay and the terrible winter are leaving our furry friends vulnerable. We have decided to do something about it by asking the community for any donations – in the form of materials and money for materials.

What have we done so far:

So far we have acquired some timber with the help of some incredible people! We are looking for more to make a larger impact. We are supplying the labour and transport involved in acquiring materials, making the kennels and delivering the finished products to shelters and poorer communities.

What will we do next:

Our plan is to design the most effective kennels for all animals. To protect them from icy winds and rain. We are currently in the process of figuring out the most effective use of the current donations to build as many as we can to a high quality for extensive use. We welcome any input or ideas to help make the kennels as effective as possible.

How can you help give back:

You can contact us on facebook at Mikes Painting & Handyman Services or via email to Handymikect. We are looking for any building materials. Such as:

  • Timber boards,
  • timber planks,
  • paint,
  • rubber sheeting,
  • screws,
  • asphalt sheeting for the roof,
  • any other waterproof material.

We are also looking for any donations of ANY size or sponsorships from businesses. Contact us directly via the links provided so that we can arrange something that is easiest for you.

Watch this space for updates!

We are thanking our donators on facebook as we go and will be posting pictures up of the kennel plans, and finally the building process. We are very excited to hand over some beautiful finished products to anyone (or any furry friends) in need.