Fix your home before the holidays
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Fix your home before the holidays

December is here and we’re all gearing up for our much deserved holidays. When the holidays come around we finally have time to notice all the little things around the house that we would like to fix.

Over a year a lot has happened around the house. Algae has grown on your lovely paving after a very wet winter season. And now that summer is in full swing we’re also noticing weeds cropping up in between the cracks. Our outdoor furniture needs some protection from the summer season ahead and let’s not forget the rest of the exterior such as the walls, decking, and roof.

December is usually the time to clean, remove, fill up and paint to wash off 2019 and pave the way for a fresh new start to 2020. It’s a great idea to remove the algae and weeds from our beautifully paved areas and to regrout any worn surfaces. We make a habit of reminding our clients to paint and varnish all wooden surfaces which are about to see countless hours of full sun, and we recommend a little TLC for the walls too. Just like when we put on SPF 50 for our skin, the sun also can be very damaging to our homes!

Give us a call to fix up your home. We all have things we need to do. But there never really is enough time. We get it, family and relaxation come first. So why not let the professionals do it for you?