Painting: Exterior for the office or home

Exterior Painting

This serves as the first line of defence for your home or office.
Bright yellow exterior of an apartment

The paintwork on the exterior of your home is the first line of defence between the elements (water, wind and sun) and the various surfaces that are exposed. When your paint surface starts breaking down and moisture starts making its way into the plaster, brickwork and woodwork, damp and mould start to occur. It is here that the woodwork begins to rot. If this deterioration is caught in the early stages then more serious damage and inconvenience is prevented.

Surfaces that are protected or are undercover are more shielded from the elements, where as surfaces that are exposed to direct sun and wind need to be maintained more regularly. A simple visual inspection can determine whether your paint surface is in good condition or whether it has began to crack and peel. Also, where the seals around door and window frames have deteriorated.

The exterior paint also forms part of the aesthetic appeal of your house or office. By using different colours, combinations and effects you can create a certain visual appeal.

Ensure that your painting contractor uses quality paints which will provide a lasting finish. By using cheap paints you will need to do the job a second time in the short term. This is because the pigment particles are much larger and don’t cover the surface well. The resin is of a much lower quality which makes for lower durability. Also, the carrier (water or oil) has a much higher content. This dilution evaporates when the paint dries resulting in a thinner paint surface once dried.

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