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10 things every homeowner should tend to in order to keep their place in top shape

Have you ever seen those fixer-upper houses on TV where a young couple flips it for minimal cost? We always wonder how that house got like that in the first place. We can tell you, that unless it was a natural disaster, it probably didn’t happen all at once. Over time, small problems build up […]

Fix the deck by repainting and sealing before summer

Fix your home before the holidays

December is here and we’re all gearing up for our much deserved holidays. When the holidays come around we finally have time to notice all the little things around the house that we would like to fix. Over a year a lot has happened around the house. Algae has grown on your lovely paving after […]

Are you prepared for the upcoming holidays?

You’ve most likely seen the streets and stores decorated with Christmas colors already. Before we all know it, it will suddenly be Christmas! We don’t know about you but we will be running around the week before trying to get everything ready, and the whole household will have forgotten that wonderful uncle Jerry is arriving […]

Let’s Talk About The Weather

  Do you see signs like this in your house? You most likely have a moisture issue. With these recent rains we are seeing this problem popping up all over. In time, this can cause serious problems. Don’t cover it up – call a professional at

Building Kennels for Winter

Give Back to the Community by Building Kennels for Winter

This winter we at Mike’s Painting and Handyman Services want to give back to the community. The unfortunate fires in Hout Bay and the terrible winter are leaving our furry friends vulnerable. We have decided to do something about it by asking the community for any donations – in the form of materials and money for […]

Painting and Waterproofing your home in preparation for winter | Wet patio

Get Your Home Ready For Winter

It’s very important to ensure your house or office is prepared for the rainy season ahead. Many homes will have leaks under heavy storms and this is mostly due to poor upkeep. As a professional painter and handyman, here are some winter tips: Exterior For the exterior of your home, we recommend a good painter who uses a high quality […]